The EarthTrek Story

EarthTrek Promotes Active, Cooperative Learning and Enthusiasm in Teachers and Students

EarthTrek was conceived by experienced teachers who recognized that the prevailing testing-oriented curriculum has an impact on both teachers and students. EarthTrek brings much needed excitement and fun to the classroom, while positively reinforcing core curriculum areas (math, science, reading, language and social studies.)

EarthTrek strives to:

  • Promote active, cooperative learning. 
  • Challenge the learning capacity of students. 
  • Inject creativity and challenge into the classroom.
  • Develop more motivated, confident students.
  • Keep students engaged and energized. 

With EarthTrek, students learn to look at the world from a global perspective and are introduced to the eye-opening benefits of travel. The competitive nature of the game encourages students both to learn and to be a team player as they race around the earth through challenges and activities.

“Active learning is, in short, anything that students do in a classroom other than merely passively listening to an instructor's lecture. This includes everything from listening practices which help the students to absorb what they hear, to short writing exercises in which students react to lecture material, to complex group exercises in which students apply course material to "real life" situations and/or to new problems.”

Paulson & Faust, California State University, Los Angeles

About Our Founders

Shelley Cook

“My vision for EarthTrek was to create a program that integrated all subject areas and addressed curriculum objectives. I wanted it to excite not only students, but teachers. EarthTrek allows us to travel virtually to countries all over the world. This program gives students an opportunity to work together towards a common academic goal, appreciate cultural differences, and develop a lasting enthusiasm for learning. Above all EarthTrek allows students to dream about a world beyond their own home and believe that they can succeed.”

Shelley Cook graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she received a B.S. degree in Special Education. In 1982 she earned an M.A. in Education from Michigan State University. Shelley has 30 years of teaching experience working  in special education, ESL, and gifted classrooms. She lived in Singapore with her family from 1991-1994, and has traveled the world.

Cynthia Alves

“For me the most exciting part of teaching is when the students are immersed in learning and are participating in an activity that captures their entire attention. When hands-on activities are used to reinforce concepts, students are engaged and skills are being applied at a high cognitive level. Students are excited about learning at this point, and teaching becomes more satisfying and fun for me."

Cynthia Alves has 35 years of elementary teaching experience. She graduated from Southwest Texas University with a B. A. in English and the University of Houston with a Master of Education. Cynthia lives in Spring, Texas with her husband and children.

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