What They Say

Well, I should first say that whenever I come inside the room and look into the kid's eyes, I can see they are hardly breathing, and trying not to make any sound in order to hear this magical sentence: CHILDREN , NOW ITS TIME FOR EARTHTREK!"


Teacher, Baku Oxford School, Azerbijan

Before my daughter started EarthTrek, she was fine with going to the beach or Disney. Now she wants to go to Italy, France, and she has even mentioned going to Australia…She even knows where the cities are located…It’s more hands on for the children, so I think she’ll remember it more."


Parent, Spring, TX

When you are reading a book you are picturing it in your head, but it’s always best to learn with a model…when we were learning about Egypt we did it in a fun way."


Student, Spring, TX

What I like most is that he was able to use math and English skills and incorporate those into EarthTrek…I thought the most valuable part of the experience was working with a partner towards a common goal…I think mixing up the method of learning is important for the children because it enhances learning."


Parent, Spring, TX

EarthTrek has forced my son to learn to depend on others. It has made him slow down and consider other people’s feelings and learn that other people may learn in a different way…part of everything he learned came up at the dinner table."


Parent, Spring, TX

EarthTrek taught my daughter to manage her time, pace herself better, and learn from her peers…She’ll come home now and try to look up things about other countries."


Parent, Spring, TX

What I liked best about EarthTrek was that I got to work with my partner and I got to learn what he liked to do and what I liked to do…When you get to do the activities you get to feel what it is like to be in that country."


Student, Spring, TX

It was cool as a parent to see how the teachers were tying in the curriculum to what they were already teaching…In this kind of learning situation the students are able to find their own strengths because it ties in all learning styles…I got much more information about EarthTrek than I have about any other activity."


Parent/Counselor, Spring, TX

She is experiencing these new places and cultures she might never have a chance to actually go and see…She feels a great sense of responsibility to do her part for her partner…This awesome media adventure utilizes many different learning modalities…audio, visual, and tactile."


Parent, Spring, TX